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learn something about it. prevention is so very key when it comes to the major killers and diseases that affect our lives. pay attention to your health. those arelet doctor's order -- those are the doctor's orders. as always, if you want more information about anything you missed go to thanks for join (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 4:00 a.m. starts now. bp a good morning it is thursday november 29th. >> one down to to go the bay area is catching its breath during a lull. first trespass service work is a technocrat and getting rid
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of around two. >> rains and high winds are lashing berkeley as you can see in this bill and other parts of the east bay is today. drivers gingerly pushing through the water on highways 1 and 101. some vehicles ended up being flooded. there were some strong waves by pacifica. the strongest storms are yet to come. we are starting off in the weather center with erica talking about what we will expect for today. we still have wet weather had our direction. >> it is cloudy conditions as you step outside the door. later this afternoon we anticipate rain and the bay area. you can see the system sitting around your rica that will hit the north bay first the north bay will get the brunt of the storm.
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possibly 2-4 in. thursday into friday. the rest of the bay area will be hit with wet weather, downpour that time but only expecting 3 in.. 10:00 a.m. this morning light rain starting to pop up in santa rosa. we put the clock into motion 4:00 p.m. later today most of the rain sticks north of the golden gate bridge. heavy rain for santa rosa, napa in petaluma. into the 11:00 p.m. tonight the showers start to push their way south. there will be relatively light in nature and at first. this is a slow-moving system. as the wake up tomorrow morning look at the yellow on your screen even orange indicating moderate to heavy rain. you will need an umbrella not only for the morning. this storm is different from the first one. the showers will linger into the afternoon and into the evening hours. we could
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contend with residual showers as we transition into saturday. mild temperatures now. we have low 60s as we head into the afternoon we have the chance for showers beginning in the north bay. as we head into the evening the showers will start to sacks out. . here's a look at the numbers oakland 60. 57 for san jose and the city. into the afternoon everyone is in the '60s. the first half of today will be pleasant. we could see bricks of sun. 644 fairfield. 65 for hay with an pleasanton. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows rain into the weekend. we have consecutive rain days that does harbor the potential for flooding more mudslides and high surf at the beaches. as we head into
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next week pleasant conditions. partly cloudy skies slight potential for rain and by wednesday afternoon highs could climb into the seventies. we do have a rainbow sitting at the end of the 7 day. more on your weather coming up in a bit. >> in traffic overnight roadwork no major accidents. here at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza looking good. no metering lights and a handful of cars. the san mateo bridge west bound moving fine pores foster city. and the traffic coming out of marin county. >> yesterday's storms caused a few hundred power outages. pg&e are expecting a lot more to happen. they are doing what they can to prepare for the next wave. this is video from pg&e is yard. were they have a
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standby equipment. they are ready to put in 16 hour shift. >> the storm is an all hands on deck situation. when you get the series of winter storms they can take out entire communities quickly. >> this is the most lane have seen all year come when lines gone down pg&e will try to reroute the hour. if that does not work you will need to be ready to ride it out. it could take hours if not days to give more power depending on where you live. make sure you have flashlights, batteries and to think you need to buy until the power can be cut back on. >> more headlines we are following a 24 year-old man is in custody after hitting a police car and fleeing the scene. please recognize the man earlier in the day as a one person after he was released from prison and failed to show up to a
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parole meeting. in the area of moderate boulevard he was a green mustang. he fled the scene in that mustang hitting that police car on the way. the mustang was later found abandoned in the area of holly park circle. officers searched the area and could not find him. at 8:30 p.m. please receive the tip the suspect and a halt on the 100 block of apple to street. police suspected tactical unit and surrounded the house and made contact with the person inside. he surrendered and was taken to san francisco county jail. is believed to have ties to local gangs. >> we have a review of the legal justification of 37 clara sheriff's deputies to fire at a man one for a deadly shooting. that determined that their action was lawful. 49 year old shariff alman open fire at
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the cement plant in cupertino. he hit nine co- workers killing three of them before running away. all men fled to a sunnyvale neighborhood that and led to a man thhunt. police found him he made threatening gestures with his gun that's when deputies fired striking and killing him. the report was he died to a self- inflicted wound to the head the report was released to the santa clara county police cordon. >> 16 year old shane white walked on cool ridge ave. she was called to an area encourage was lost sight of people shandshyann is
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considered of diminished capacity. therefore is considered in danger. >> bobby sarsen and 15 year- old raquel gerstall . retail attended high school in san lorenzo she was a freshman. *. police have not determined a motive for the killing. please do not know why the girls were on an oakland street alone at that time of night. we are following the day's weather. like yesterday we are expecting a quite a bit of rain. the bulk of it hitting later on. we will get another full check of the forecast coming up in just a bit.
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we are back. checking in the markets this morning. good news on wall street the
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stock ended the day higher on news of law makers inching closer toward a deal that would avoid a fiscal crisis at the end of the year. that fiscal cliff we talk about. the nasdaq just 24. the s&p 500 rose roughly 11 for it. the future of the dollar bill will be the topic of discussion on capitol hill today. the government accountability office will again try to convince the u.s. by switching from bills to more durable corns makes more sense. this would be the first time the g l made the change--would not be the first time. dollar bills are considered to be easier and led to carry. >> 507 $9 million power of
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jackpot winning tickets were sold in missouri and arizona. they matched all six numbers. they have no information on the winter. the will of elsewhere in when it was sold at a news conference today. someone is now million dollars richer during an interview with fortune mayor explain " we literally are moving the company from blackberries to smart phones. one of the really important for ya hoo as strategy is mobile. that is why they are moving forward. >> we will take a quick break we will be back with more headlines. the time is 4:12. we have a lot of wet weather still to our north of that is headed our way we
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will be back with the timing in just a minute. >>
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we are back. 4:14 is the time. power is back on for mpg&e customers lost power yesterday. the wind was howling in the rain was falling off the coast. foremost, it was good reason to batten down the hatches and stay indoors. some decided to hit the beach instead. >> it was excellent. there could not have been a better day for me. there were not a lot of people out there the water was great nice and clear. the waves were clean. >> the weather was ideal for surfing today was great. >> while waves were 2-4 ft.
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surfers and the stormy conditions ideal. they took the opportunity to get out there. mayb good morning jame >> good morning james barrett visibility is not that we can make out the top of buildings. keeping a close eye on the wet weather to come you can see the system dropping down currently in eureka. this is a slow-moving system it does not look too far from the bay area now but it is crawling at a snail's pace. it will last. it will see the system later today into tomorrow. a lot of clouds associated with this system. a wind advisory could be issued as well. we had a win the prize in effect in the delta and the cartel in this straight. 10:00 a.m. storm
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is impacting santa rosa. the green indicating light rain as we is at best cause commotion 4:00 p.m. for the north bank it would drag it plays out and later tonight at 11:00 p.m. heavier showers start to spread and was in the rain make its way down to the south bay. as we advance the clock messy weather ahead. flooding on freeways and more accidents compare to usual as we continue with the clock 4:00 p.m. friday showers start to taper off a laboring through most of the bay. the wet weather sticks with us as we will wake up saturday morning here is a look at what we expect out of the three stars. >> yesterday we did see rifle the early morning hours. we had when advisory of the storm that will arrive tonight and tomorrow.
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we could see 2-4 in. for the north bat. a bit less maybe 3 in. for the rest of the bay. messy weather ahead into the weekend. flooding and mudslides possibility. storm three is around the corner expected on sunday. here's a look at your afternoon highs. cloudy conditions for the most part. drive around most of the bay area the first half of today will be ok. 634 fremont. 64 for santa clara and san jose. to the east bay 644 fairfield. 65 for castro valley in walnut creek. mostly cloudy conditions the rain will approach on the north first. novato 62 degrees at the same for san rafeal. san francisco coming in at 64 degrees. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highs wet weather every day. because we are seeing a dry break now not the case led to day. this is a slow- moving system we will see more rain tonight heading
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into the weekend. a slight chance for showers as we head into monday. the chances sticks around for monday and tuesday. partly cloudy skies wednesday your afternoon highs climb into the seventies. i will have more on your weather coming up in a moment. >> in the traffic center we have minor accidents northbound 880 or ron hagen burger. here is the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza just five out of oakland into san francisco. so far so good at the san mateo bridge the drive 12 minutes from and to and. south bound 101 problem free no issues with visibility coming out of marin county. here on our traffic map screen on our roadway centers. highway 4 approaching 242. as we turn our attention to interstate 580 no slowdown to just get. traffic sailing out of tracy. to 05 approach in the
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altamonte pass no delays at the 5 86/86 interchange. >> thank you erica the search has been called off the suspect that led oakland police on a chase that ended with the suspects crash in their car. 4:00 p.m. afternoon police tried to pull over what they say were gang members in a car. the driver took off. this is video. police stopped following the card due to public safety concerns. the suspect crashed and fled the area on foot. >> is serious accident in the east baseball traffic. this video from sky 7 ht. two cars fell from a big rig carrying on interstate 880 north down past the marina boulevard exit in san leandro. two cars crashed into those cars that have fallen off the truck. at
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least one of the trucks were hurt. >> the teen accused of a violent crime spree in san jose made its first court appearance. he was in court for less than one minute he was being charged as an adult at the police say he and his partner of a number of stores at gunpoint. they attacked the car jacket and attto kill the victim. his accomplice was arrested that night. it took detectives to find the other suspect. the district attorney will not adjusted natural the relationship but says a teenage was a willing participant. >> how long have they know each other? hot what influence did the adults have on the 15 euro? how does the 15 year-old star at the crime spree in such a way? i think there will be a key defense whupfor the
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defendant. >> frances cabrini school in san jose had a special meeting about an incident involving convicted registered sex offender who was allowed on campus last month. during last month's meeting parents learned that he had been on campus more often than just the one time during the festival. >> we heard he may have a key into one of the back rooms. it is devastating i am very upset. i just joined the parish which i will not come. i feel like there was nothing entered a bunch of finger-pointing. he say she said. apparently it took five hours for that person to be marched off the property. >> some parents say they were glad they attended the meeting and said the diocese will no longer dig volunteers and there will be a committee formed to mitchell school children
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are they going forward. >> fulton police took a 42 year old man into custody after parents of girls he took pictures of called police. he approach girls pretend to be a professional photographer in want to take their photographs. he got their own numbers and sent texas is about taking suggestive pictures, giving them, call up, and meeting them at home while their parents were away. he was charged with trying to will a minor to commit and to commit a sexual offense. >> henry albert smith will be eligible for the death penalty if convicted for the fatal shooting of officer last november. he led police of a car chase after a bank robbery the officer chased smith into a backyard that is where smith shot and killed a veteran officer.
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>> we will take a quick break we will be back here in one minute. the time is 4:23. here is a look at the radar as we are watching and waiting for around two. a more intense showers expected later today. we will visit with erica to get an insight into the forecast today and into the weekend in just a minute.
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we are back. as a national news. mitt romney is stepping back into the spotlight three weeks after losing to president obama in the election. the former political rivals are having lunch today at the white house. jim costa has details. >> his departure on election night was quick and painful. just like that mitt romney was gone from the public stage. at his victory speech president obama had other ideas. >> in the weeks ahead i have ideas of sitting down governor romney to talk about how we could work
4:27 am
together. >> i do think he did it all terrific job running the olympics. we accomplished that together so thank you. >> net after romney plays a visit to his former running mate some much-needed bipartisanship may be served. the gop nominee and the presidents sit down behind closed doors at the white house. press secretary says romney ideas for comincutting government waste at the president's cup tie. >> romney's image could use an overhaul. one week after the election he told the owners on a conference call the president's campaign was following a zero playbook. giving a lot of stuff to groups specifically the african american hispanic communities and young people. it did not take long for him to be thrown under the gop bus. >> i think it is nuts. first
4:28 am
of all it is insulting. >> speculation is that the president they be referred back to his old team of rivals playbook. like his onetime rival secretary of state killer clinton.hillary cl >> will take a quick break we will follow more national newsletter. when we come back we will take a closer look at the weather. we have a live look from san francisco we are chatting with erica looking at the breakdown of storm tracker 4. here is a live look over the city we will be back with more in a moment.
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we are back. we are watching the weather. at
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this point we are in between storms. we saw yesterday's rain we are expecting more today. we have a live look at the embarcadero this morning. we are keeping an eye on conditions as you head out the door. it is a little breeze is out there. >> yes it is james. i thought it was pretty still at first when i got out of the car there is a quite a bit of a breeze. you definitely want to on the wall. so far no rain but there is clouds overhead. definitely the rains are coming enjoy the dry spot while it lasts. >> absolutely. your morning commute may be on the dry side will make it easy to get to work. what about getting home let us find out the time about today's rain. >> good morning erica. >> good morning james. moderate to heavy rain is expected later tonight. the showers will actually began into the afternoon and
4:32 am
places like santa rosa satellite and radar shows the main front is starting to sag its way south. most of the moisture is still sitting offshore. it will approach the bay area sometime later tonight. we do have clouds associated with this system. winds are picking up of a higher elevation. futurecast 4 set up for 10:00 a.m. you can see cloudy conditions for the north bay. light rain in santa rosa. 4:00 p.m. later today the rain grows in intensity for the north bay it starts across the golden gate bridge and as we check out later tonight a lot of folks will be sleeping but the rain will pick up and grow more widespread. tomorrow 8:00 a.m. look at the yellow and orange on your screen indicating moderate to heavy rain. again flooding, mudslides are certainly a possibility. the having it is rain expected in the north bay.
4:33 am
this will be a slow mover. yesterday's the rain was out by the afternoon. friday 4:00 p.m. still contending with lingering showers blanketing most of the bay area. as we wake up saturday morning we will be on the back end of the storm. this particular storm we could see from 2-4 in. of rain from the north bank. 3 in. of rain everywhere else. as we start the next work we were talking upper of 10 in.. it is the cold at all with oakland at 63. your afternoon highs will be in the '60s. you could see mid- 60s. we will cycladic conditions but it will not be too cold. later tonight when the winds pick up will start to see the rain. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights the wet weather to come out. system #three rows of brown by sunday will start to dry things out as we start the
4:34 am
next work week however, we have a slight possibility of showers by next wednesday. it was seen mainly sunny skies and temperatures in the seventies. more on your forecast coming up in a bit. >> a quick bridge checked focusing our attention on traffic. a couple of minor accidents nothing to report at the approach to the bay bridge plaza. traffic building in the westbound direction in the san mateo bridge towards foster city. south bound 101 a few cars drive 23 minutes out of novato into separate cisco. back to you james. >> thank you erica. for a 21 year old man is in custody after hitting a police car and fleeing the scene. said fiscal police recognize the man earlier today. officers spotted him yesterday afternoon around 3:00 p.m. in a green mustang in the area of moderate boulevard
4:35 am
the man fled the scene in the mustang and on the way he hit a marked police car. the mustang was later found abandoned in the area of highly park circle. officers searched the area and could not find him. around a 30 p.m. there received a tip saying the suspect was in a home on the 100 block of apple to street. officers surrounded the home with a tactical unit and negotiators were brought in. the suspect surrendered and was taken into custody in is now in san francisco jail. police he had ties to local gangs. >> officers were justified in opening fire in a reference to a shooting in cupertino after shariff alman open fire on nine employes. he fled the scene and police later found him hiding behind a car in a sunnyvale neighborhood. according to police deputies opened fire
4:36 am
when he made a threatening gesture with his gun. the autopsy report shows that although he was hit eight times he actually die from a gunshot wounds self- inflicted to the head. >> a former middle schoolteacher's conviction and a year sentence for molesting a student has been upheld by state appeals court. no errors were found in the proceeding in which he was convicted and sentenced in costa county superior court. the former peak teacher pleaded no contest last year to one count of sexual penetration through force or the rest. and three counts of molestation of a job that was 15 of 14. >> 16 year old shyann white and walk away from it will come on college avenue. a staff person followed her to the area but they lost
4:37 am
sight ever. she is considered at risk because of her diminished mental capacity which they say is roughly that of a nine or 12 year-old. >> police have the names of two teenage girls were shot and killed during a violent week in oakland. police said the 16 year-old bobbi sargen and raquel gerstall . raquel attended a high school in san lorenzo she was a freshman. both girls were hit by gunfire multiple times. officers have not determined a motive for the killing. they do not know what the girls were on a oakland street alone that early in the morning. >> no rest have been made. >> antioch and wal-mart supercenter expansion project is one step closer to becoming a reality. a state appeals court ruled in favor of the plan despite a judge's decision that the
4:38 am
city should have done an environmental impact study before the project was approved. the court ruled that the review was already done in 1998 for a shopping center much larger than the current wal-mart's on a study was needed. to the complex. critics of the plan said the expansion will lead to more traffic and urban blight by the departure of local businesses. >> the projections about a train expansion to los gatos is wary about whether it is worth the price. and their 200 more riders will jump on this making one of the least used light rail extensions plans over the country. the 1.6 mi. project will cost taxpayers $175 million. it would connect the westchester stations out to a new station at net flics headquarters. officials say the expansion will generate
4:39 am
economic activity. >> coming up on the kron for morning news more headlines and another check of the weather. here's a look at the radar where we're seeing showers to our north ending around rica. we're looking for more rain later today spiri. we will be back with more in just a minute.
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we are back at 4:40. children's hospital at uc san francisco are moving a step closer to the affiliation this week. the hospital hopes for a final agreement by next summer. the hospital signing a letter of intent to seek joint operation about how an affiliation with work and what it will mean for patients. it could help improve the financial performance of both institutions.
4:42 am
>> tracking a so a day can increase a man's risk for prostate cancer by 40 percent. a study to be published in the american journal of clinical nutrition. 8000 men over 15 years or tracked and and higher risk was discovered those 3 11 ounces of the soft drink a day. drink it so elevated risk. >> 69% of pork chops and ground pork or could kameare contaminated. consumer reports found that 3 to 7% of the samples are run salmonella. or other common pathogens for food borne illness. 23 percent of the samples contain nonepasbacteria >> we will be tracking the
4:43 am
latest with today's rain. erica is tracking the timing we will find out when it would rain how much we will get and how
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( male announcer): now here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly . >> i am pulling you over for not having your lights on. you need to follow me. >> when it is raining is hard enough that you have to turn on your when show workers full blast. the state requires to also turn on your allies. the driver and a honda and this driver did not. they both did to have a chance to meet with the officer of the california highway patrol. >> the driver of the hon the was a bit busy when and he
4:46 am
tried to talk to her. >> when you're driving with your headlights on. >> to be honest i thought this car had the automatic lights. >> these were not the only two drivers violating the nearly eight year old law. >> the driver of this truck was rolling along in the rain with no headlights on. >> the driver said he was aware of the law but told the officer he was in a rush and was only driving a few miles. >> this to what he told me. >> you have no headlights on in the driver ran out there. i don't the allies as i can drive very good i can see very good you know. were you aware this was a moving violation? a sense we are on the subject of common-sense watch as the this driver
4:47 am
passes our chp cruiser in the rain wipers on line no lights. i wonder what will happen next. >> tell me you did not see that coming. >> you are driving without your headlights on. >> wait there is more. >> how come you were not wearing your seat belts back here. i'm sorry i am pregnant. >> let us talk of the driver. >> i was not aware that i had to have my headlights on i would have had them on. >> the law does not apply if you have your wipers are intermittent. you have to physically turned on your headlights. >> here i am telling women out to be a properly and not stay so work in here i am getting caught the eight badly. >> i have obviating badly. >> stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> if you have a comment or
4:48 am
story idea let him know send an e-mail people behaving badly at kron 4 .com you can also give him on facebook and twitter as well peo. >> good morning james we are starting off with stung tracker 4 we are picking up light rain some random pop up showers around clear the lake east of novato. also light rain but is just may be a heavy mist and will not last long. this is a system we are worried about satellite radar shows the cold front is sagging south. this will be a bit system could see 2-4 in. for the north bay pyrrhic one-3 in. for the rest of the bay area. in addition to it being so wet it will be a slow mover it will start later this afternoon for the north bay and last until saturday morning. there is a lot of cloud cover associated with this system.
4:49 am
futurecast 4 is tracking the rain 10:00 a.m. light showers. clouds ahead of the system starts to shift as we headed to 4:00 p.m. later today heavy rain. the rain intensified could be hazardous for your evening commute. at 4:00 p.m. it looks like most of the moisture sixth six north of the golden gate bridge. as you put the clock into motion unfortunately the main front will slide through during the peak of your morning commute. i do anticipate messy driving conditions and potential for roadway flooding. 8:00 a.m. everyone is under the yellow and orange. expect moderate to heavy rain. that will continue for the rest of the morning. later in the afternoon the showers will taper off and be spotty in nature. we will continue to see showers however, it will start to break up as we wake
4:50 am
up saturday morning. yesterday's system happen in the early morning hours and was mainly a wind of it. today and tomorrow will probably be the wettest and strongest. as we head into the weekend storm three approaches saturday night heading into sunday. we have the potential for flooding around the russian river. we could see mudslides more flooding for bay area's streets. as we take a look at your afternoon highs everyone is in the '60s. mostly cloudy skies. 644 fairfield. 64 in endicott. san francisco at 64. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows rain every day. we have, conditions for flood concerns. tuesday and wednesday we have a slight possibility for a pop of
4:51 am
shower temperatures could climb into the seventies. more on your extended for clascaste. >> here at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza the volume of traffic has increased for ya westbound ride. here at the san mateo bridge so far so good enough troubles to report. southdown 101 as accident free coming out marin county. on our traffic map screen on our roadway sensors. no. down 101. highway 237 looks good. the sign for 85 approaching cupertino. as we turn our attention to the peninsula we do not have any accidents to report. as for public transit no delays whatsoever for a.c. transit, barred as wallace h. trade number one. >> thank you erica. for 50 1:00 a.m. is a tie cabinet
4:52 am
will get to start this coming sunday when the niners took on the ramson sign laws. head coach jim harbaugh made the announcement. kapwernick has pretty good numbers. alex smith has been sacked. the coach did not say why he thought kapernick would be a better starting quarterback. >> both have earned the starting position. colin we believe has the hot hand and we will go with colin. >> and we will go without. >> i do not know if it is a
4:53 am
hot hand or what ever you want to call if i am happy i get to go back out. it has been great our relationship has not changed. he has been a great help to get me where i am now. all i want to do is play football. the coach made the decision and as we will go with. >> alex is a class act. >> the san francisco 49ers lead the nfc west. will see what happens with the rematch awith kapernick as quarterback. th >> in any light on the be a
4:54 am
wet one prepared for it. we will get a complete look at your for class at the top of the hour. do not forget we have a new episode of dr. phil coming up right after the kron for morning news at 10:00 a.m. today. i'd out who is the best celebrity babysitter. 3 celebrities have who have no experience with children are put to the task may be sitting five loud out of control kids. we will find out who wins. do not miss dr. feel at 10:00 a.m..
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we are back at 4:55 a.m. rummer has that hollywood's newest mom is expecting again. betty white is looking for a date. elisabeth corridan has more on hollywood minute. >> ericaus weekly size an
4:57 am
anonymous source that says the couple is expecting again. a requirep simpson said and i will nnot commenting on the racial bias weekly. >> the dell is the only film and your being part is to head the prestigious milestone. worldwide 21 has sold 20 million copies. it was the best-selling album of 2011. it is on track to be a top contender for 2012. >> you can win a date with betty white. the actress is auctioning herself off on the bay. if you and three friends conjoin wide at one of our favorite restaurants and the loss angeles area. bidding runs from december 3rd to the tent. of benefits go to the society for
4:58 am
prevention of cruelty to animals i'm elizabeth corrigan. >> yesterday's storm character you can see some of the damage. the cleanup is underway and the race against the clock to get all that done before the next round, which comes later today. we will check in with erica to see what we can expect with the storm coming our way. we will also check with george to see how the commute is shaping up. the skies are lighting up in new york city for the annual rockefeller center tree lighting. we will have that video when we come back. a couple of us to this the start socking it assess and this is the remote desktop connection to the dosed look like the slow
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[ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. happy thursday november 29th. more rain on the way for the bay area. you can see. this drive for your morning
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commute. >> a search is underway for a man who broke into a home in palo alto. we will have the latest in a minute. to get more newster let us go to our solo reporter mike pelton. he isn't out of there will star with a story about the homeless again. good morning mike. >> on the 100 block of hawthorne and paul alto a young woman in her 20s woke up and found a man inside her apartment around 2:20 a.m.. she screamed and the suspect fled the apartment. there is no word at this point if she is the only one that was in at the time or if she is the only one living at the apartment. she is ok and with offices at the police station. at this point police are treating this as a burglary case. are looking into as to whether it was a it attempted sexual assault. the offices are still on the scene they called k nine in a short time ago. they do have
5:02 am
officers in surrounding blocks looking for a suspect at this point they're not releasing any suspect id to of. they are certainly investigating this. the woman is ok this morning. >> it is not affecting anyone lives around anywhere in any way? >> is it affecting anyone lives in that area are there any closures of rows or evacuations? givin the had >> they have the apartment complex wrote off. they tell me residents should not be concerned as well as they gather evidence that will start talking to the residence. >> thank you mike. >> we are keeping an eye on the weather that is our big story. we had a lot of rain
5:03 am
to come down yesterday and more is expected today. >> there is a little shop or around a bottle highway 37. these are pop of grand the showers residual sours. the main story is a cold front that is adding its voice out. we do expect a lot of moisture with the system. it is relatively strong. off the yellow and orange on the center of the screen indicates this is the main front and will impact the bay area sometime tomorrow morning. it will be with us quite some time with a lot of cloud cover. the wins will pick up. yesterday's system was running for the morning hours that was mainly a whind a fit. this will be the straw the system we have seen yet. 3 to 4 is for the north bay and and one to 3 in. for the rest of the bay area. the storm will
5:04 am
make its impact during a friday morning commute. we will continue with unsesettled weather--unsettled whether a. >> good morning erica there is an accident on the nimitz freeway north bounds at high street that is to allow local incident but is not a hot spot. light traffic around the bay area your quick commute check shows a light ride into the east bay for interstate 580 and for highway 4. south bay freeways look good no problems on the peninsula where your 101 north--south bound ride through marin county >> a 24 year-old man is in custody after hitting a police car and driving off. sarah francisco police recognized the man earlier in the day he was a wanted parolee. he did not show up for his parole meeting. if that is why they were looking for him. the
5:05 am
recognized him and approached him he then took off hitting the police car and driving away. >> at that point please try to look for him lost him and around 8:30 p.m. the got a call the suspect was inside a home at the 100 block of capt. street. officers came in with a tactical unit the negotiators were there this around the house. he surrendered peacefully now he is in the san francisco county jail. police believe he had ties to a local gang. >> ofpresident obama and mitt romney are meeting for a private lunch at the white house. it is the first time the two have met since their last debate. president obama promised in his victory speech earlier this month he would meet with mao romney following their bitter campaign. so the two will have lunch in a private dining room in the white house. during the washington trip mr. romney is also scheduled to meet with former running mate congressman paul ryan. the white house is sending
5:06 am
representatives to capitol hill to find a solution for the impending fiscal cliff today. republicans complained the white house has yet to provide specifics about how the president would curve the rapid growth of programs like medicare and medicaid. the president is insisting that tax rates go up on families will accede to under $50,000 a year. house speaker john banar is adamant that any tax revenues come from overhauling the tax code. clearing tax breaks and lowering rates for everyone. >> two tickets last night. one was sold in arizona one was sold in missouri in both matched all six numbers. arizona lottery officials said they have no information on the winter. they look at now is where it was sold at a press conference. two very lucky ticket holders. >> authorities have released the two names of two teenage girls were shot and killed
5:07 am
during a weekend in oakland. 16 year old bobbysartan and 16 euro raquel gerstall will found 6:00 a.m. sunday morning with multiple gunshot spirit please do not have a motive for the killings now. they do not know why the girl for on an oakland street along that early morning. >> will take a quick break it is five 06 a.m. we have a live look outside. this time from the embarcadero in san francisco. you can see the western span across the bay bridge the lights are illuminating the suspension section. a nice morning so far at least for driving. off the world are a dry the grain is not coming down at the moment. that would change as we head into later today.
5:08 am
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the combat this time is 510 a m. the gross domestic product rose 2.8% from july
5:11 am
to september. data shows companies spent more to build up inventory so the third quarter originally estimated and the u.s. trade deficit narrowed. >> the next generation of out apple's popular itouch software is lunch today. the release was originally slated for last month. apple's last major overhaul of i toombs was september 2010. a lot of fans say it is a long time coming-- itunes. >> at&t t ranks dead last in the customer satisfaction survey. for the third straight year. paul wallace care is an inmahorizon as the largest 4 g network serving more than 400 markets
5:12 am
compared to just over 100 for at&t. at&t customers report of your 4 g related problems. >> but was at a break it is 5:11 a.m. will visit with their content with the department and george of the traffic department and get a better idea of the rains were expected and is there any problems on the commute. that is give you a quick shot a live look at the oakland area north brown closest to the camera. traffic moving all right-- no. bound--north bound
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
we are back is 5:15 a.m. we are talking about the weather. we have dry conditions of the golden gate bridge on the left and the golden gate bridge on the right-as the bay bridge on the right. with the latest on the timing of the storm was turned over to erica.
5:16 am
>> good morning james it is fairly common quiet in the area. temperatures in the '50s. we have clouds but no issues with visibility. and have popped up random showers right around novato, 101, east 37. light rain in the back of bill area.backerbils still sitting offshore pushing its way to recover. a lot of moisture associated with the system and is a slow mover. flooding is certainly a concern with this one we could see two-4 in. of rain for the north bank. 1-3 for the rest of the bay area. we have a lot of clouds associated with this one winds will pick up into the afternoon. this system is really wants to be
5:17 am
with us during your morning commute tomorrow. that is what it your futurecast 4. 4:00 p.m. later today heavier rain for santa rosa, light rain north of the golden gate bridge. 8:00 p.m. tonight the showers will cross the bridge heading into oakland. levitt the delta as well definitely along the coast. as we head into tomorrow morning a.m. it is clear to be a messy commute. the most intense showers will start to fall tapering off as we head into the afternoon. it will be off and on attending on where you're located. blue have residual brain as we head into saturday afternoon. >> here is a look your day planner for today temperatures in the '50s. low 60s is out there. we have the potential for north bay shower cloudy conditions everywhere else. could see a bright sunshine and later tonight the have iran will kick in especially for the north bay. here is a look at your numbers 60 out the door in oakland. 51 for concord.
5:18 am
58 in hayward. 60s in to the afternoon 63 for richmond 66 in oakland. amid 60s for pleasanton and livermore. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows a rain every day. because we have consecutive rain we will see heavy rain on sunday we are aware there could be the potential for flooding, mudslides down trees and power lines just like yesterday. showers chances with a cross into monday in overall partly cloudy conditions and mainly sunny tuesday and wednesday with temperatures in the seventies. nicer weather is ahead of us 5:18 a.m. miss the time on to traffic of morning george. >> so far a good ride around the bay area and a hot spots. even here on the nimitz freeway in oakland despite an accident northbound at high street which is where we are now where jackie sissel is. there is no impact to traffic. it is an easy ride
5:19 am
on the nimitz freeway. headlights for northbound heading past ties street southbound traffic light heading down for the coliseum as well. we will start our bridge checked the toll plaza at the bay bridge traffic is moving well very light for the west now ride. san mateo bridge at present problem free with an 11 minute drive time no delays in direction. for your ride to the golden gate bridge 101 looks good. nonetheless coming from marin county no delays northbound either. first in the east bay as we look at interstate 80 the drive time westbound 13-14 minutes hercules to berkeley with zero delays. no problems to the san ramon valley a 16 minute drive time south bound. they drive fast on 680 out there. westbound interstate 580 no delays to the dublin interchange but heavy through the altamonte pass. still a great ride on
5:20 am
the south bay free wis ways. 23 minutes from the bottle to the golden gate bridge. >> thank you george we're getting our first look at a teenage murder suspect accused of on on a violent crime spree in san and 15 year-old here in court for a minute you see him walking out. he's been tried as adults. police say he and his partner robert a number of stores at gunpoint attempting to carjack a man of killing him and it attempted to kill a police officer in a car chase. it happened on november 16th the alleged accomplice johnson will banks was arrested that night. it took detectives and week to find the other suspect. the teenager was a willing to spin. >> how long have known each other? what influence if any did the adults have on this
5:21 am
15 euro? how does a 15 year old start of the crime spree? i think that will be a key for the defense. >> he is being held without bail he will be in court next week depending on the evidence introduced that will determine whether the two are tried together or separately. >> administrators and staff at st. francis cabrini school and san jose of a special meeting about an incident involving a registered sex offender named mark geriss. during the meeting parents learn that he had been on campus more often than just the one time during the festival will spotted. some parents say they were glad they went to the meeting they say the diocese will no longer released letters to volunteers and this is a committee is formed to being formed to ensure the school kids safe. >> a review of lester's officer of of shooting in santa clara county has determined the officers
5:22 am
were justified in opening fire. this is related to the workplace shooting at the lehigh cement plant in cupertino that is where sharif alman opened fire through or killed and nine were hit. the police found in the next day hiding behind a car in a sunnyvale neighborhood. according to police deputies opened fire when he made a threatening gesture with his gun. autopsy reports showed although police hit him eight times he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. >> a san jose man is under arrest and southern california charged with posing as a photographer in an attempt to lure teen girls into taking it inappropriate pictures. fullerton police took the 42 year-old man into custody after paris of the girls called police. they say he approached the girl's last week pertaining to be a photographer the one to take their photographs. police say he got the numbers into
5:23 am
dozens of texas is about taking suggestive pictures and it gave the girls alcohol and met up with the girls while their parents were not at home. >> the man accused of killing a vallejo police officer last year has been ordered to stand trial. 39 year-old henry albert smith will be eligible for the death penalty if he is convicted for the fatal shooting of an officer last november. prosecutors say smith led police on a car chase after a bank robbery. the officer chased him through a back yard were police say that smith shot and killed a veteran officer. >> off the time is 5:22 a.m. we will be back in a couple of minutes will take a live look of of our roof cam in san francisco. on this avenue of a strike at the moment. w
5:24 am
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5:30 am
>> we're looking live from the embarcadero and the water is, but kind of when the out there. the daily round no. 2, a strong around. we can already see it on the radar here to the north. >> it is pretty close but it will not hit us until later on tonight. the heaviest rain will fall during your to meet tomorrow morning.
5:31 am
there is a live picture of the waterfront and the high surf is certainly a concern as we head into the weekend. we have the potential for some flooding. the russian river is being monitored for that. we could hit flood levels as we head into sunday afternoon. we have a lot of cloud cover and winds associated with this system. we're picking up light rain for parts of the north bay. it is just having messed right now, nothing compared to the dump downpour's we expect with the next system running through. it will be messy for your friday morning commute. expected a 4 in. for the north bay and one to 3 in. for this storm along for the san francisco bay. and to the weekend we are closely my train store no. 3. we have a lot of rain to talk about as well as wet weather. at 5:31 a.m. here's
5:32 am
george. >> here is a san mateo bridge. like traffic on highway 92. quick commute check is a little better than usual because the east bay on interstate 580 traffic is lighter than usual. it has not begun the back up yet for your ride and through antioch on hamlet highly for the westbound direction. that continues to be a good ride. south bay peninsula of north bay ride is still doing well and we are problems 3. >> a search is underway this morning for a man who broke into the home in palo alto. mike pelton is live in palo alto with the details on this. good morning mike >> good morning area of you officers are still here on the 100 block of hawthorne. a woman in her 20s woke up and found a man inside her apartment around 2:20 a.m.
5:33 am
police say she screamed and the suspect fled the apartment. no word if the victim is the only one living there or if she was the only one inside at the time. the good news is she is ok and with police officers at the police station. authorities are treating this as a burglary but are looking into see if it was an attempted sexual assault. >> she is not hurt physically she did not require medical attention. that is the good news. as far as the dramatic incident out later feel and how stressed obviously that will be a part of it. as far as being physically harmed she was not physically harmed. >> they do not have suspects in this case said there still are outstanding. >> officers in surrounding blocks in this labor of looking for that suspect. they did have the canine units out here us short time
5:34 am
ago. they call the canines off but they still have officers looking for the suspect. there by giving us any site of identification for the suspect. >> thank-you we will check in with you later with that story. >> to political rivals will be sitting down for a meal today. president obama and mitt romney will meet for a private lunch at the white house. this is the first meeting for the two since their last debate. president obama promised in his victory speech that he would meet with mitt romney after their campaign. they will have lunch in a private room and a dining room and the white house. mitt romney is also scheduled to meet with paul ryan after lunch. a gallup poll says 54 percent of americans believe it is not up to the federal government to provide health
5:35 am
care insurance coverage. therefore will care act part passed in march of 2010. this allows patients with pre-existing condition access to insurance. it also allows younger adults to stay on their parents' insurance plans a little longer. >> the update would require police to secure a search warrant from a judge before they can access the content of all females and private information from google yahoo and other internet providers. under the current law the 1986 electronic communications privacy act a warrant is needed only for e-mail's less than six months old. the supreme court considers the issue of gay marriage behind closed doors, sorry that is tomorrow. the weather not to take up the case on proposition 8. that defines marriage as between a man and a woman. it passed
5:36 am
with 52 percent of the vote in 2008. prop 8 was struck down by an appeals court in february. the marriages are currently on hold in california until the supreme court decides whether not and will hear this case. >> police track down a stolen getaway car use an abrasion smash and grab robbery and tuesday. take a look of this surveillance video these aren't in there with hammers smashing the display cases. this all happened around noon. the two men held up employees at gunpoint was semiautomatic pistols and demanded jury. after they took off they fled in a car on university avenue described as a great bulls wagon jeddah with north carolina license plates. --jeta if you know anything about it called the police they are looking for this man. >> 69 year-old son hayes is swear tough cross the center of the sentiment expressway
5:37 am
near williams and drove in the fast lane against traffic when he crashed into an oncoming car. c h officers say he is the driver the other driver was taken to the hospital and survived. >> another look at the san mateo bridge as we try to ride on 92. remember yesterday? it was a parking lot as traffic and the rain was beginning to build. it was a nightmare commute across that span. we'll b.c. later on this morning how well your commute is going.georn that. we will be right back.
5:38 am
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5:41 am
2 hospital signed a letter of intent to seek a possible joint operation. they could help improve the financial performance of both of those institutions. >> toxic flamaccording to a newy out today very little can be done to keep them out of our bodies. state and federal lawmakers are pushing for stricter regulations on hazardous chemicals that go into furniture and electronics and other products. >> we will be back in just a couple of minutes. we have a dry commute for you which is nice this morning. we are
5:42 am
responsible for that. we take the credit we can. and tomorrow is going to be awful but that's not my fault and i'm off so we will be right back.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
let us search is underway this morning for a man who broke into a palo alto home. he was masked and when the woman woke up, he was in her apartment and the area of hawthorne street she saw him and screamed and he took off. mike pelton will have a live report at the top of the hour. president obama and mitt romney having lunch today at the white house. you cannot be of fly on the wall is a private meeting. is the first meeting since last debate. mitt romney will also be meeting with his former running mate paul ryan.
5:46 am
a look at the embarcadero from san francisco and all is nice and clear right now. that is great news for the commute. it is going to change no >> right now this is your dry break. temperatures are not too bad but no issues with visibility. pop-up light showers are round about those nfl or to the vacaville area. with a little bit of activity on storm tracker 4. we are monitoring satellite and radar because we have a system centered right around your recap. this is a stronger system compared to what we had yesterday. it is quite to be a slow mover. it will continue to drag its place lot south into the bay area sometime tonight. winds will pick up in the afternoon. here's a look at future cast 4:04 p.m. in sends rain for santa rosa and light rain for the rest of the communities north of
5:47 am
the golden gate bridge. this will not affect the entire bay area until later on. this is a slow mover. 8:00 p.m. it is still picking up intense rain in the north bay and opened down toward hayward. potentially the livermore valley and the coastline. tomorrow morning a heavy rain is expected. the yellow and orange are year's graion your screen. thisa stronger system the worst of it during your morning commute. showers will taper off as we head into tomorrow afternoon. it will stick around on saturday afternoon some lingering showers for the north bay and the coast. when is all said and done system #two expect to to 4 in. for the north bay a little more in the higher elevations. 60 degrees right now in oakland 61 concord 55
5:48 am
in livermore and as we head into the afternoon mainly cloudy skies, could see some breaks of sunshine 60s out there. 64 for sunnyvale 63 in fremont and santa rosa is coming in at 63 carries. 7 day around the bay forecast shows rain pretty much each and every day. you have rain consecutively it looks like flooding and mudslides are a certain possibility. heavy rain was our no. 3 expected saturday night and sunday morning. chances for showers start to diminish as we start the next workweek. overall pretty fair conditions into the middle of next week. by 40 8:00 a.m. that is your weather and we're on to traffic now >> no hot spiced his lawyer commute you'll find an easy trip for your commute on highway 80 westbound leading to the bay bridge. the approach coming out of the macarthur maze is as good as the ride heading off the east shore freeway or the nimitz freeway northbound.
5:49 am
the san mateo bridge is not slow it all yet and 11 minutes drive time both east and west bound. league gate bridge to and from marin county still very light. also dry pavement take advantage of it what you can. the east bay update in the drive time here is still just a 14 minute trip from hercules to berkeley. no slowing at 680 south looks good highway traffic is heavy and free ride for antioch but not as bad as usual as we have been saying. the commute to the south bay is still no real slowing. there is some yellow showing on the map but just a brief slowdown. at the marin ride is still without delay from the bottle to the golden gate bridge. >> power is back on for more than a thousand pg&e top customers and pacifica. it is easy to see how the line came down. the winds howling there at the coast with iran falling. we were talking with yoli and there is at
5:50 am
one point you just have that rain coming down. the waves off the coast were really turning. for most was a good reason to back down the hatches and stay inside. there were those the decided to take the opportunity to enjoy the water. >> it is excellent, it could not be a better day for me. they're not a lot of people out there the water is great the way is reclaimed and it was a long board day. >> whenever this wind is out this out for certain beaches bit since the water straight out, it was great for today. >> they said the conditions were ideal for out there. is said to get in some they wanted to get in some time before the next rain. >> them and pacifica approved plastic band ordnances this week. the band is like the one in san mateo county. plastic bag
5:51 am
ban will be considered for several cities next month. stores are prohibited from offerings customers plastic bags for carrying out their purchases. they will be required to charge 10¢ for paperbacks. >yesterday's state appeals court ruled in favor of the plan despite a judge's decision that the city should have done an environmental and tax study before the ordinance was approved. the review was already done and 98. the expansion will add a grocery section to the 140,000 square foot complex of wal- mart. critics say it looks and 200 more riders would jump
5:52 am
on and making it one of the least used light rail extensions planned in the whole country. 1.6 mi. project will cost taxpayers up to $175 million for 200 people that will use it. this is the neck to win tensors station south to the net flex headquarters. the extension will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce economic activity. >> lindsey lohan is under arrest after she had 01 and nt york nightclub. she is charged with third degree assault. this is video for leaving the jail about 30 minutes to go undercover as you could see. officers say the actors got into an argument with another woman at the club in manhattan and struck the woman in the face with her hand. she did not require any medical attention but it was enough that charges had to be filed. what can you say?
5:53 am
>> it is always something with our. except for acting. it is always something for her. the future of the dollar bill will be the topic of discussion in capitol hill. the government accountability office will try to convince the u.s. why switching from bills to a more durable collins makes more sense. americans like a buck. we don't like the change. they keep trying. they have been recommending this for 22 years. >> it has not caught on by now. >> of most americans the vending machine even the federal reserve are against this thing and they just keep pitching it. kids don't like it. kids don't want change any more. everybody likes the dollar. >> change weighs you down and macy bulky. bills. we
5:54 am
need bills. it's not going happen. we'll be back in just a bad and don't forget to catch a new episode of dr. phil at 10. dr. phil answer the question who is the best celebrity babysitter? they will have the strangers from millionaire matchmaker jeff lewis. they'll be doing a whole bunch of stuff. stars from all over will be trying to control out of control kids. we will see who does the better job. [ crickets chirping ]
5:55 am
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5:58 am
would be ready. this is a nor whispers that came from new jersey. 30,000 multicolored lights. they keep it there until january 7th. that is beautiful really. >> that is by the ice rink right? >> yes they have fed the ice rink the goldeye and the tree. >> the search is on this morning for a man who broke into a palo alto home. we'll have a live report in a minute. president obama and mitt romney meeting today face-to-face over food. we'll have your thursday forecast as the kron4 news continues.
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